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QSearchFolders 1.4

QSearchFolders 1.4: Create and manage existing search folders in all versions of MS Outlook. search folders, missing is only a user interface which allows creating them. In fact, all versions of Outlook are using search folders in the extended search dialog. The extended search creates a search folder in the non-visible part of the Outlook Folder list and opens a window displaying this folder. QSearchFolders works also with any personal folders files in an Exchange Server 2000 & 2003 environment and with OLfolders for Microsoft Outlook networks

TabView Organizer 1.02.0130: Tabbed Switch between search Filters and Views in Microsoft Outlook Folders.
TabView Organizer 1.02.0130

search Filters and Views in any Microsoft Outlook Folders. The software provides an easy search of your Outlook data through sorting and filtering them by tabs. This program is not just replacing the standard search and filter, it is a one-click filter switch that will save your time with pre-sorted, filtered items, such as e-mail, contacts, tasks, notes, journal, etc., and will shows it in a custom view. Main features: Microsoft Outlook Folders

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Public Duplicate Eraser 1.0: Remove duplicate mail, contact, calendar, task items in Outlook and Exchange.
Public Duplicate Eraser 1.0

folders for different users, you can search for duplicate tasks for different users. The search across folders for duplicate items is much more then a simple duplicate search function. Public Duplicate Eraser is easy to handle and easy to install. It is a helpful addin for Outlook, Public ShareFolder and Exchange server to find all kind of duplicate entries in your Microsoft Outlook folders. For all types of Outlook folders you only need one tool

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Duplicate Remover for Outlook 2.10: Remove Duplicates in just one click. Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Outlook.
Duplicate Remover for Outlook 2.10

Outlook Duplicate Remover allows you to find and remove Outlook duplicates in just one click. Search duplicate items and merge Outlook duplicates automatically. Remove Outlook duplicates, such as duplicate Email, duplicate Contacts and Calendar events. It is an automatic software add-in for Microsoft Outlook without any settings to configure. Compatible with latest Outlook 2010 as well as Outlook 2007/2003/2002, Exchange Server and Public Folders

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NoMoreDupes - Outlook duplicate remover 2.1.3: `NoMoreDupes for Outlook` is an Outlook add in to clean your Outlook duplicates.
NoMoreDupes - Outlook duplicate remover 2.1.3

`NoMoreDupes for Outlook` is an Outlook add in to clean your Outlook duplicates. Not only contacts or emails are supported. All items of Outlook are supported. You can even search across folders. Perhaps you have the same contact in different folders. Search for it - find it - delete it. Automatically. You can get rid off your doublets in seconds even if you have a big Outlook data file. You can customize the way how NoMoreDupes recogni

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Txue Duplicates Clean 1.0

Outlook plug-in intended for the search and processing of duplicated email messages in Microsoft Outlook folders. Delete duplicate e-mail messages and posts in Microsoft Outlook folders. Supports searching in each folder separately or searching across folders A duplicate found can be Deleted permanently, move to deleted Items folder,copied or moved to any folder. Works as an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002/XP, 2003 and 2007.Designed for Windows

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Lookeen - Email Search for Professionals! Lookeen is an add-in extension for Microsoft Outlook. It`s a search tool that is seamlessly integrated in your Outlook and will search everywhere in your Outlook data. Find every mail at your fingertips - no matter how many data you have! Search your local emails (PST), Exchange Server, Public Folder, your complete desktop and even network files!

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